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Blue Angel -REDUX- (listen)

A fanmix for Marco the Phoenix

1. Caroline- Alex Clare

2. Baltimore’s Fireflies- Woodkid

3. All Alright- Fun.

4. Vesuvius- Sufjan Stevens

5. Here’s to you- Ennio Morricone/ Joan Baez

6. On Melancholy Hill- Gorillaz

7. Nightvision- Daft Punk

8. Hearts a Mess- Gotye

9. Empty Chairs at Empty Tables- Eddie Redmayne

10. Soldier’s Poem- Muse

11. Meadowlarks- Fleet Foxes

12. Ribs- LORDE

13. Here- Pharrell Williams

14. Rise Like a Phoenix- Conchita Wurst


most of the time all im able 2 draw are sketches of marco that i never finishh

((ooc: hmmm… I’m considering just emptying my inbox and reopening it bc i dont have inspiration for any of the asks that are still in there. I keep telling myself “i’ll get inspiration someday, it’ll happen eventually” but nothing ever happens and im kind of tired of making excuses and allowing this blog to gather dust. :’u I don’t want to lose inspiration for this blog completely, that would suck. So sometime this week or next weekend I might reopen the ask box depending on whether or not I have time. School still takes up most of my time lately so it all depends on that))


((i updated my commission sheet to have more recent art-))


- the *star on a price means that it is an optional addition to the work.

- Nothing nsfw, I’m not comfortable enough with those type of drawings yet to offer them as commissions. (maybe I will be in the future, but for now it’s not going to be offered.)

- Include a detailed explanation (as detailed as you can make it without turning it into a chore to read) of the character that you want me to draw if it is a character that I am not familiar with so that I know their personality(ex. OCs or characters from shows I don’t watch)

- Include a visual reference of the character, please don’t make me have to figure it out based on reading only.

- If you want anything special or different than what is listed on my commission sheet, we can discuss a price change (increase or decrease)

- Don’t be afraid to ask me questions if you have any!

Send your commission info to this email:

((ooc: I apologize in advance for what I’m drawing for Marco’s birthday))


I decided to make a new post for my store since I’ve added many new works to it ;v;

Check it out!!


*draws marco again after 4000 years*



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